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Creates a physical eye – a 2” ball – through which the caster can see. The Eye can fly through the air, vertically and/or horizontally, with a Move of 10; it moves on the caster’s turn. Concentration is necessary to move the eye, but not to see through it. Any vision-enhancing spells affecting the caster will also be usable through the Eye. The Eye is small, with a SM of -7, so it is hard to hit – but if it is hit by a physical attack, or any spell that would reasonably incapacitate it, it is destroyed.

  • Duration: 1 minute
  • Cost: 4 to cast
    • 2 to maintain
  • Time to Cast: 2 seconds
  • Prerequisites: Apportation and Keen Vision


  • An eyeball carved of ivory and inset with jewels
    • Usable only by mages
    • At its holder’s command, it will turn into a Wizard Eye; on returning to his hand it will revert to the jeweled form
  • Cost to Create: 1,100 energy, $1,000 for skilled ivory carving, and $600 for emerald